Frequently Asked Questions

When will my trash & recycling be picked up?


Subscription customers can find their pickup schedule here; however, if you cannot find it please contact us at or (703) 261-4885 to get your trash and recycling pickup schedule.

How much yard waste will you take?


We will take up to 10 30-gallon paper yard waste bags or 10 bundles of branches/brush (3 feet long).

Where can I access my billing information?


To access your billing information, please click the My Billing at the top of the page and use the email you signed up with to access your portal.

Do you pick up on holidays? What about bad weather?


Regular trash, recycling, and special/bulk collection services are provided on all holidays except New Year’s Day, Independence Day (July 4), Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.

If your trash or recycling service falls on one of the above holidays and is collected once per week, the trash or recycling will be collected on the following Saturday unless we specify otherwise.

In the event we are unable to operate the vehicles due to inclimate weather or if our worker's safety is threatened, we will notify our customers via email of the delay and pickup the next day where conditions have improved to a suitable condition.

What size are your trash and recycling bins?


Trash bin is 95 gallons and the recycling bin is 65 gallons.

Could I have an extra trash bin?


Extra trash bins are available upon request for an extra cost of $6 more per month.

My trash/recycling bin broke, could I get a new one?


No worries! As long as it was not purposefully/recklessly broken, we will replace your bin free of cost to you.

Can I put large items (i.e. a sofa) with my regular trash?


We ask that you contact us to schedule a bulk pickup in advance. Each item will usually cost an additional $20 depending on the item.

Can I put paint, batteries, or electronics with my regular trash?


No. Never place paint, batteries, and electronics in the regular trash as it can cause serious environmental issues and potentially catastrophic issues with our trucks.

Please dispose of them by going to the proper local dump/transfer station.

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